My story begins as a result of every child's imagination.
Through the eyes of the little ones, I make magical discoveries! In the detail of a leaf, in the pattern of an insect, in the behavior of a hummingbird... Everything, definitely everything, in nature inspires me. And thats how i made my first INKprint on the planet.

A scraped knee, a stain on the clothes, a drawing on paper, for example, are the result of the experiences we have had. But it's the choices behind these events that say how valuable they were.

Thus, I fulfill my mission:
Contributing to the growth of a new conscious generation, through providing sensory and educational products;
Promoting childhood and free play, recognizing them as fundamental for a balanced relationship between human beings and nature.
Creating products free of toxic components through Research and Development of vegetable pigments and dyes for various applications;

My Team:

Pedro Ivo Costa
Graduated in Graphic Design and Product Design at PUC-Rio. Certified by the Business Initiation Course, promoted by the Coppe/UFRJ Business Incubator. Founding partner of Zebu Mídias (2010) and Mancha (2015). Co-founder of Associação Goma (2013). Member of CE100 (2016). Responsible for the Communication area.
Amon Costa
Designer, entrepreneur and environmental manager. Founding partner of Zebu Mídias (2010), Mancha (2015) and Biobeads (2020). Co-founder of Associação Goma (2013). Co-founder of Comunidade B Rio (2017). Member of CE100 (2016). Member of the Advisory Board of the NGO Sinal do Vale (2020). Responsible for the Marketing and Sales area.
Martina Pinto
PhD in Chemical Engineering from the Chemical Engineering Program at COPPE, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro. Masters in Chemical Engineering from the Chemical Engineering Program at COPPE, UFRJ. Graduated in Chemical Engineering from UFRJ. Post-Doc at the Institute of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering Program at COPPE/UFRJ. Partner and responsible for Mancha's Production, Research and Development area.
Rafael d´Ávila
Graduated in Graphic Design and Product Design at PUC-Rio. Founding partner of Zebu Mídias (2010) and Mancha (2015). Co-founder of Associação Goma (2013). Member of CE100 (2016). Responsible for the Design and Creation area.
Carolina E. Campuzano
Advertiser, graduated from ESPM Rio, with an extension course in Social and Environmental Impact Business (PUC-Rio), who professionally found herself in the world of the positive impact ecosystem. It has already worked with medium and small companies from various sectors and today understands that it should not limit itself and define itself in just one function. Responsible for the Customer Relations area.

The union of scientific knowledge, design, alchemy, education and nature is the right recipe!

Paints, dyes and vegetable pigments produced from materials with low socio-environmental impact offer a sustainable and less toxic alternative for the textile, packaging, cosmetics and toy sectors.

As a spin-off from the Sustainable Design Agency Zebu Mídias (2010) I was able to experiment with numerous applications. I printed Heineken packaging with cocoa ink; I developed colorants for shampoo, liquid soap and perfumes for Natura, among many other projects. It's been more than 10 years with biotechnological experience.

In communication and design campaigns I made inks from the leftover of brownies from Luiz's Brownie and olive paints for Gallo Azeite. I printed packaging, furniture, business cards, skateboards, eco-bags and even art replicas.

In 2014, I made the packaging for the official FIFA World Cup gifts with cinnamon ink and participated in the São Paulo Motor Show, composing the interior panels of Peugeot's sustainability concept car with cocoa inks printed on bamboo laminates.

In 2016 I won the Business and Biodiversity National Challenge, organized by the Boticário Group Foundation for Nature Protection, in partnership with the National Association of Entities Promoting Innovative Enterprises (Anprotec). I also joined Coppe's Business Incubator, located in the Technological Park of UFRJ.

In 2017 I created a crowdfunding and raised around R$50,000.00 to apply in laboratory studies. I launched the first version of the paints in pots with colors of annatto, cocoa and turmeric. The pigments were selected based on criteria that took into account the chromatic aspects, Brazilian biodiversity and regional availability.

In 2018 I was considered 1st place in the Shell Acceleration Program for Youth Initiatives, and elected the 3rd most attractive company in the category of "materials" among startups across the country by Ranking 100 Open Startups. In 2019 I was in the TOP10 of biotechnology :)

Continuing the scientific studies, I enrolled and was approved in projects, such as: FAPERJ No. 06/2019 - Program "Support for the Insertion of Researchers in Companies - 2019" and FAPERJ No. 18/2019 - Program "Support for Innovation in Micro , Small and Medium Enterprises in the State of Rio de Janeiro Inovação RIO".

My values

Quality of life and well-being;
Harmony with nature;
Relationships with affection and care;
Respect for individuality, without hurting the collective interest.

My vision for impact

Preservation and valorization of Brazilian biodiversity, through the development of local products that come from responsible management;
Descontaminação de produtos de diversos setores por meio da utilização de pigmentos vegetais;
Purification of industrial production chains;
Awareness and behavior change in culture and consumption habits.