Sensory Development

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It’s a mess with no stress.

Mancha is uncertainty, spontaneity, and suddenness… it is going beyond what is defined and not limiting yourself. I want to propose a way of looking at the world from a new perspective.

What do you think? Let's do this together?

With art therapy

I encourage cognitive, sensory and motor development in children at all different ages. In drawing and painting activities, for example, I help train the five senses, stimulating individual expression.
As my organic paint pots have unique aromas, textures and colors, every experience becomes a discovery! I contribute to the cognitive formation of children with a lot of creativity and fun.

In the Children's Line “Children and Natureza”, I have painted with more than 4,000 children from 1 to 13 years old in municipal and private schools, fairs and events.

In Integral Development

When children create, they find a unique way to express how they perceive the world, which is very important for being able to communicate what they think and how they feel. The capacity for action, memory and concentration improve as each little one engages in activities that pique their interest.
In 2018, I carried out 7 painting workshops in municipal schools in Rio de Janeiro, in partnership with CIEDS and the Children and Youth Psychosocial Care Centers to assist around 140 children with Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD). In this incredible experience, I could see how different sensory stimuli increase the possibility of interaction for audiences with special needs.

Play Freely

Through art and contact with nature, children are able to come in contact with themselves  , in addition to understanding their surroundings in a clear and authentic way. So, I promote playing freely, recognizing it as a foundation for a balanced relationship between us and nature, with creative ideas for children's learning, instructional content, artistic activities and new methodologies for parents and educators.
Children diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), for example, can decrease anxiety attacks, as well as levels of low self-esteem and depression. Doing these sensory exercises, in addition to contributing to well-being, helps each little one stay focused on the present.

Hand in hand with the educators

In 2019, I was mentioned in a educational book for public school teachers as a suggestion for a creative and healthy activity for Elementary School students.
Today I have an institutional partnership with the BRASAS English Course, and the inks are used as English teaching materials. Teachers use different pigments, colors and textures to teach new vocabulary to students in a playful way.

I've also passed through quite a few schools, such as: the American School, Escola Parque; Pedra da Gávea School; the New school; Eleva School; St. Joseph Marist College; School Colors; Favinho de Mel School; Inkiri School and Espaço Cria.