Reponsible consumption and production
ODS 12

I appear and disappear according to the natural movement of life, of nature...

It is a challenge, and a great responsibility, to mix science, alchemy and fun, making sure that every detail positively impacts society and the environment. Thinking about it, I decided to show you how I do it.

Applied circular economy.

I consider the entire cycle of use of organic paints, at every moment: in harvesting, research, production, use and final destination. Absolutely all steps are carefully planned to generate positive value to participants.
I believe that all products must be designed in a way that does not negatively impact the environment and, therefore, since 2016 I have been part of the Circular Economy 100 Program (CE100) of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation.

High level of purity

My products are 100% natural, free of toxic components and were developed precisely to replace any synthetic compound derived from petroleum that is out there in the world.
Vegetable inks are water-based with pigments such as cocoa, annatto, yerba mate, turmeric, hibiscus, blue tea and beetroot. All are extracted from seeds, fruits, roots, leaves and flowers, never putting the health of those who use them at risk.

Packaging materials

My little pots are plastic, I know. But these are the best options available on the market for now.
As we do not have bioplastic available for a company of my size, I am opting for PET and PP produced by the national industry. Both materials are great for recycling, due to their value and use in reprocessing.

Observation: Glass and children? It wouldn’t be a very good option ;)

Neutral Shipping

Place your order with peace of mind :) I offset the carbon footprint of all my e-commerce deliveries!
I have the CO2 Neutral seal and I directly support the Menegalli Project - a rehabilitation center for addicts and Educational Preparation Center - located in São Miguel do Guamá / Pará.

Maísa Project Indicators:

"67.458 kg of CO2eq avoided (*CO2equivalent is the sum of greenhouse gases in a single unit of measurement)
6.103 trees planted (trees planted and monitored for 2-3 years or equivalent of CO² in preserved trees) 270.000 people benefted.”