Let’s leave our best INKprint on the planet!
Find out how we can build this story together. Little by little, with the pigments of nature, we can color a world where people live happily, with health and well-being.


Me and the Media:
I contribute to the regeneration of natural ecosystems, in addition to preserving the health of artists of all ages. Do you know how? Thinking about every detail of my products: sensory, educational and non-toxic!

Technology and social innovation hand-in-handas

I've walked through laboratories, children's schools, hospitals, art ateliers and whatever else you can imagine. I went through the hands of many people to find my mission. Discover how I became free of toxic components and gained a world of possibilities.

With fauna, flora and traditional cultures.

More than just preserving the environment, the mission now is to regenerate it! And I will do my part by focusing on Brazilian biodiversity. Our nature is very rich with animals and plants that have a lot to teach us. Understand how we can contribute to this shift in consciousness.

Sensory Development

To really feel the world!

Each stain of paint, a universe of colors, textures and aromas. This is how I present to the little ones sensations unknown until now to them. The smell of cocoa; the color of the turmeric; the texture of the annatto…All of this contributing to cognitive, sensory and motor development, through art therapy and entertainment.

Science, alchemy, and fun

All my products are developed under the principles of the circular economy, with two basic thoughts: there is no “outside” and there is no garbage. All stages of the research, development and production process are designed in harmony with Planet Earth's cycles.